Genesis of Poetry


When your heart pounds with vast expressions

When your lash flutters with every change of imapression
When your breath draws creasts n troughs of every sensation
Tranqualizing you….pushing you….to let it flow
Flowing through the meadows and the terrains until traquility is attained.



Tell me a poem on Stars!


Stars something strange about them….

Seldom have we realized that how much our lives revolve around them from childhood to adulthood….
From playful games of childhood…to romanticizing dreams wrapped up together
These tiny little pieces of diamond or glass…
Stuck on a vast velvety piece off never-ending stretch of black
Surrounds us from all around
They twinkle…they know the forces of attraction very well
And then they play those mind games with you
Now they have your focus …your gaze fixed on them…hypnotized
And now the twinkle transforms into fluid…travels into your head ….down till your toes…through your bloodstream…its into you…and now you are in its control.
Your head begins to swirl and you begin to feel the light headed and heavy footed you
Your breathe trying to achieve a synchrony… between the lightness and the weight
And just then…. in that moment
When you are free…free of all
All your thoughts just emptied your head…quietly slipped into the dark night
Leaving you…gifting you with that infinite calm
You have always wished upon those falling stars….
Here is a poem about those tiny little things of diamond or glass….and yes they really have an impact.


Lying between these sheets I look up to see the ceiling…

The ceiling which is painted white with a hint of blue to it.

I notice the corners and the tiny little cracks ….some of them have started to grow deeper…

My attention changes direction and I am drawn to the ray of light streaming through my bedroom window.

I watch her play ….sweeping across to the walls and up to the ceiling….filling the cracks and making them invisible.

The ceiling which is painted white with a hint of blue is now glowing with a dash of gold in all its glory.

Looks like magic but all it is…is  Physics …..and a marvel to me ….her beholder..

And Oh! Look what happened while I was busy admiring the inanimate …..I just missed noticing the animate….

This power of  little miss light ray….. now draws me to the fair face  next to me….shimmering in dust of gold….calm and  serene…. glorified to restore the beautiful heart that you own….

Your heart ….beats a little louder than the others….how much I have always thought that perhaps someday ….some rare day in a fleeting moment …you will use that as a romantic anecdote to describe your profound love for me…

But Ahh!! Expression is my weapon by birth and yes I know romantic anecdote is too cruel to be expected from you …..and now  I could not stop my lips from curving into a smile  …..and breathe converting into a sigh….and now your serenity reflects on my face and I notice my own golden aura…..

My golden aura which just doesn’t come naturally to my visibility …..yeah…one may say I am quiet blind to my own abilities…but that’s what makes me …Me … constant strive to achieve ….to construct and deconstruct …..

Construct and Deconstruct is what little miss light ray is all about….from filling the cracks  to casting those brilliant shadows….to decorating the golden silhouettes ….but is she aware of her abilities ….for all that she do is not her intention …..she loves to play and dance and to construct or deconstruct are mere happenings… she to be mentioned for all of it.



Staring at the stretch of land covered in sea of white salt …I often get a feeling that my body has several cuts and bruises each has it only story to narrate…

Each story so horrific …which has the power to touch your soul and scare you in your dreams..

Each cut bleeds …profusely in white invisible blood…and the pain gushes through each artery…which does not desire to go…

One looks at me and wonders who is the one…the one who has a heart of stone …the one so monstrous as to hurt…

Hurt this human…one often looks up and wonders ….what a plight!!!

Runs to my aid …nurses my wounds…and lends thou shoulder to support

and just when everything feels still and numb….coaxed and consoled…

Just then the plight starts all over again…thou look so confused…looks up in despair

Just to realise…the shift of shape ….those helpless limbs turning into fierce claws…those are ripping my body and thou soul…the ever increasing sea of salt…

Slowly shrugs thou shoulder and walks away for who can heal a self inflicting …inhumane ….who doesn’t want to be nursed and cared for…

Each cut…deepening into a bigger wound….the invisible white blood…is glistening now and the arteries are swollen blue…in pain I guess…….the process will continue…till there is no drop of blood and entire body just turns blue descending into white sea of salt…

all thou can do is walk away…coz that’s all…

The Black Rose

Hey All,

I know it has been really looooooongggg….. since I last posted.

Today the traveler in me wants to spread my wings wide and take a flight away from the world of prose  into the valley of poems…

Yeah I know seems like a detour and frankly speaking that’s me…Hope you all will like this one…

The Black Rose


Sitting by my window sill I see this small rose plant which I had just planted.

I water it ….I nurture it with all my love and care…

I watch her every morning and after work…

I sometimes visualize tiny, narrow green vessels with nutritional water flowing through her veins….

Waiting for the day when I will see a soft round curled green ball uncurl into a tiny serrated , glossy leaf…

And one day I finally get to see that glorious little green uncurled serrated leaf basking in sunlight…

My dreams transitioned into another phase as though just like the feeble rose plant who was claiming her presence  with each new curled green ball uncurling.She stood their in all her glory and beauty, the morning sun, kissed her with all his passion and the evening brought along with him the gorgeous shades of  orange and violet and  gush of freshly fragrant breeze which made her irresistible for all around….And I as often, I saw myself attracted to her and  wrapped up in her thoughts.

Now my dreams have began to mature  and some thing within me started waiting for a crimson soft succulent lip ….and I just couldn’t stop thinking how beautiful she will look then ….a jewel of nature and a pride for me…

My dreams  fuel my passion and I water her and nurture her with all my love and care… and I could see my my efforts turning green and tall solidifying her bold and beautiful presence…

Someone once said to me that there is something in nature which does not believe in the joy of beauty…fears the song of youth and trembles in the fragrant breeze

It transpires all that is gorgeous and beautiful into tiny particles of rough pungent  dark dust

One evening I was sitting near my window sill sipping on a cup of coffee gossiping with my my bold and beautiful …..and then  it happened ….slowly it tip toed and with all its anguish fury and hate it struck….it struck when it was all silent and happy…and in the next moment it was all gone… the beauty ….the fragrance the panache….

All that was left behind was that feeble, fragile and weak mess of green who was now in pieces , pieces which can never become whole….and that loud, heart wrenching , ugly laughing thing who had just achieved success ….and it all happens in front of me , I who had safeguarded and nourished  her into this tall, gorgeous and fragrant beauty….

Never had I felt so helpless , so meek such a piece of nothing and then I realized, it was not the joy of seeing those curled green balls uncurl into serrated glossy leaves or those perfectly shaped succulent crimson lips spread into a smile and light me , who smelled like youth itself … It was this story around which I had woven my life ….my mornings and my evenings perfectly clocked to watch her achieve her bold beauty….who was crushed into tiny particles of rough pungent  dark dust establishing the steep edge of that slippery future ….we call it  “Fate”.



A trip to the heritage sites of Ajanta and Ellora (Part1)

A trip to Aurganbad , the tourism Capital of Maharashtra state, India.  Its 374 KMs away from CST Mumbai.

Our journey started around 6:10AM on January 17, 2015 when our train (Tapovan Express) left  CST station. The train reaches Aurangabad at 1:30 PM.

Sleeping Buddha, Ajanta Caves
The sleeping Buddha, Ajanta Caves

You remember in my previous blog I did mention it to you that if one want to travel comfortably in the Indian sub-continent you have to plan and book your tickets in advance. Since this trip was planned on very short notice hence although we were able to get confirmed tickets but it was in the Non-AC category. Moreover, this not the end of our misery story .Google maps showed our hotel near Jalna which is like 1 hour away from Aurangabad. However, sometimes Google maps can also misdirect. After crossing the Aurangabad station the train was put on halt due to some technical failure and while we were waiting eagerly for the train to restart a fellow passenger asked about our destination the moment we told him that we are headed towards the heritage caves of Ajanta and Ellora, he told us that both the caves are near to Aurangabad and we were heading in a wrong direction. Realizing the mistake we were quick enough to de-board the train from that small station Karmad and after crossing the village we were finally able to hire vehicle which took us to Aurangabad and from there we hired another vehicle which dropped us at our Hotel which was right beside the Ellora Caves. Hotel Kailas is the only hotel which is near Ellora. It was well positioned in the vicinity of beautiful mountains and natural habitat however our room did not look interesting to me although the room and attached bath which was huge, the beds very uncomfortable and the room lacked basic amenities of a T.V and an Intercom. Also, they charged us INR 2400 for one night stay.

By the time we reached our hotel it was already 4:20PM and since the entrance to the caves are closed by 5:30 PM there was no point in heading to that direction. After a quick freshening up we decided to for a stroll and check out the local area. After speaking to locals we were told that the auspicious Jyotirlingha of Grishneshwar is just a couple of minute walk away. We decided to take the walk and visited the temple and offered our prayers to lord Shiva. The temple does not allow visitors to carry handbags or mobile phones inside the premises. We did a little shopping around the place. Please make sure you bargain a lot. The traditional Paithani sarees range from 2500 – 25000 Rs/ we were able to purchase for 2500Rs

Setting the ground right

Solo-Female-TravellerWell, as a female traveler in India there are a few things that you will have to arrange before you actually step into your boat and start rowing away.

Book your tickets in advance….I know travelling unplanned is a whole lot of fun but believe me India is not a place to you would like to take that risk. When I say risk I am actually not talking about eve-teasing… I am actually talking about the population here and last minute booking will end up in unconfirmed train tickets as the wait list is usually a long one.

Flight ticket are easily available but would cost you a bomb at the last moment. For my foreign travelers, India has flight connectivity between major cities only and if you wanna experience the whole of the country, you will have to depend on trains. Would let you know more about trains in India in my upcoming posts.

Book your hotel in advance, well again due to the above mentioned reasons… Travel websites can be often referred. Check out the reviews; they are quiet helpful. Sometimes, you might not agree with the reviews but mostly they are worth considering.

Check for the climatic conditions and make sure you pack important toiletries such as an effective sunblock, insect repellent creams or lotions, soap strips, newspaper, poly-bags, scarf (helps you protect from dust, foul smell, and for entering some Hindu temples), medicines and band-aid, maps (yeah I know you have a smart phone in your pocket but in India 3G is not available everywhere and the 2G speed…yeah you got it right… you can definitely beat the 2G speed with your physical map. Eicher and Lonely Planet are trusted sources for maps.

So, all you lovely damsels!!! Its time to step out of your doors and explore the beautiful world and I am gonna guide you through this…just keep reading my posts and do let me know if you have any questions/suggestions for me.

A single woman's guide to exploring the magnificent India.